Percol Fairtrade and Organic Latin America Arabica Coffee

Percol Latin America Arabica CoffeeThe folks at Percol came up trumps and delivered the Judges a box of freebies - one of every single Percol. (Thanks Niomi!) This is the first then of a Percol Marathon we're going to have to do over the next few weeks. First things first - when you see all of them together you really can't tell the difference - the packaging all looks like a scene from Predator. All jungle-y and, let's face it, a bit tacky. No continental style and sophistication in sight. This one looked great on arrival, a nice froth on the top. But there's a weird taste to this one - and a very long lasting after tase. It's just a little bit too "sharp" - if there is such a thing. Mind you, having read the side of the packet they are claiming "grapefruit" - which is sharp as hell. Why the hell would you want a f*cking grapefruit in your cup? That's a trait they need to engineer out of this one, not boast about. It's still OK though, just above the average at 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Percol Fairtrade and organic Latin America ground coffee has a complex range of interwoven flavours and aromas such as treacle toffee, cocoa, liquorice and grapefruit which all deliver a well-balanced coffee full of character."

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So far so good i've seen 3 percols and they've all been intriguing, we had Twiggy, black and beyond and bog standard. This time it's a sponge!, 6 spoons and the usual amount of water which was immediately soaked up by the greedy coffee. This one cunningly named Latin America tastes new to me. It was extremely light in colour and looked extremely vibrant in my cup with the lava java design on it. I must say it was a dream to make and left no powder at the bottom of my cup. So I picked up the packet to see why it's called Latin America. I have no blaudy idea but the packets says this "treacle toffee, cocoa, liquorice and grapefruit". Ok so get out with that and lose a point for using a thesaurus to look up alternative words for the usual coffee jibes. Maybe if they put some treacle toffee and cocoa in a cup, add a little grapefruit and sprinkle it with liquorice they will decide actually no it doesn't taste like coffee but some of these tasters are beyond help now. The desire to find a new way to describe fine coffee has become an art that nobody understands. I'm plumping 6/10 and remember it would of been a fine 7 if I didn't feel a little offended by the description. p.s. also had a fine coffee aroma, in my opinion it smelt of roses resting on the recently bathed/perfumed bosom of Katy Perry slowly wafting me to sleep. No of course not i made that up!