Percol Fairtrade Italiano Arabica Coffee

Percol Fairtrade Italiano Arabica CoffeeThis is a Percol Big Boy. It's a strength 5 so we're fumbling with the packet in excitement. In the end it's come out good, but my God it was a lot of work to get there. By which, I mean the first three cups all failed for one reason or another - too weak, too strong, too much powder in the cup... We were at the point of giving up until Hank took a deep breath, donned his white lab coat, and made it under full laboratory conditions. Despite plunging it so slowly that the plunger's progress was slower than a snail going down an up escalator, it's still full of powder in the cup. So we ended up with a slightly metallic taste which, over a whole mug, is a bit much. So for all that faffing, only 7/10

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"Intense and assertive. An attractive bitterness with hints of cream and exotic fruit."

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Personally I haven't been a fan of this at any level. It's declared as a strength 5 but it feels like a weedy 4. I pride myself on the making lately and couldn't get this one right. It says for cafetierres on the packet but the grind was so fine that the bottom of every cup was swimming with excess powder, leaving every cup dry and metallic tasting. Certainly looks good all around except I can't make the dam thing. I plumped for a 6 which feels harsh I think if it was made in a filter coffee machine with a fine filter this could be a romping drink. If the packet said not for cafetierres I would of gone for an 8!