Percol Guatemala Arabica Coffee

Percol Guatamala Arabica Coffee

Percol have gone and done it with this one. It's a bog standard strength 3, the packaging is the usual Percol awfulness and yet it's bloody marvelous. Every time, without fail, it's come out punchy, smooth and satisfying. Even a child could make a good cup of this one - unlike that Waitrose one of a few days back where one grain too many or less rendered the whole mug repulsive. The fact that it looks so bland in the pack may be adds to this one's appeal - Percol certainly aren't singing from the rooftops about it. They should be! Wait for it.. 10/10!



What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Percol Fairtrade Guatemala ground coffee has a wonderfully seductive flavour with overtones of dark chocolate mixed with fruit. It's delicate and refined aroma, gives this coffee a finish comparable to a great wine."

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I've already been impressed with the Diversity of the Percol brand even if half of it doesn't actually appeal to me I am but one man. Today though and for the third time this week this particular packet of Percol has left me weak in the knees and dribbling at the mouth for the coffee is something dreams are made of. I'm just so bang into this I don't know how to express it properly. I couldn't fault making it, the colour, the cool head the fact it packs a flavour and a half and is a strength 3 which makes me feel less concerned about burning my insides out necking those strength sixes. The packet was as tosh as ever which makes me feel Percol don't know what they have here. Myself and the Nooge agreed the review had to go up today so people could start buying it. I can't see how anything would top this from the strength 3 category. I'm so happy now I would say yes to any request. You can't bring me down. I also gave it a 10/10 as it came as such a shockingly nice surprise. I didn't get chocolate or fruit as claimed on the packet though. I do despise those reviews and I usually mark down for stupidity but not today. I'm just too happy.
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Taste: 6/10. Aroma: 7/10. Value: 5/10. Packaging: 6/10. Resealable: No. At first I wasn't going to buy this one, but did because of all the reviews - Brewed it and the aroma came out smelling great. Started drinking it and thought it tasted average at best but then I got some nice fruit flavours and started to love it. Until the lemon came in. I like a hint of lemon now and again but this was overpowering which is a huge shame because this had a ton of potential. Overall rating: 6/10. -Judge Shaun.