Sea Island 360 Reserva Cafe Puerta Rico Coffee Beans

Sea Island 360 Reserva Cafe Puerta Rico CoffeeIt's strange how your values change. Only last week we were moaning at paying 12 quid for a pack of coffee and it was no better than a Sainbury's three quidder. Then we cranked it up a notch - and some - to 25 quid a pack of uber gourmet Jamaican Blue from Sea Island. This time it's another gourmet - but back at 12 quid a pack. Get that - we now think 12 is cheap! Well, it's definitely a pleasure to quaff this one - there's plenty there to taste and the flavour lingers on the back of your tongue for a while - in a very pleasant way. Serve this at your after dinner party and no-one will complain. Why would they - they didn't pick up the tab. 2 points off for cost, bringing it down to 7/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Produced by the Atienza and Fortuño Seitzer families on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, this fine coffee is partly grown on the Tres Picachos Forest Reserve in the central part of the island, which contains the highest peak at 1,205 metres above sea level. Production is limited to 1000 bags annually allowing for strict quality control and sustainable practices. The result is a versatile coffee equally suitable for cafetiére or espresso with a full body that engulfs the mouth, buttery tones and a dark chocolate finish.     FRAGRANCE AND AROMA: Aromatic with acidic tones. Mild Body. Smell of dusk flowers with specks of fruit and nuts. Finish of acidic hue and dusk flowers. CUP QUALITY: Fair bodied with swirls of sweet acidity. Mild and dreamy. Citrus and Floral dip. A soft sweet coffee to remind you of Buttercups and Daffodils  ON COOLING: Intense finish of sweet acidity      If the coffee is prepared between Agtron nos. 65 and 55, it is delicious to drink as "black". Tasty at Agtron No. 65 when prepared on a French press, exuding exciting sweet acidic and floral tones.  An inspiring coffee with a long finish of sweet acidity and floral hues.  Great coffee as a morning refresher. As an espresso, thin bodied with a finish of soury notes."

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But let's assume I was, this is another hit from the Don and i'd gladly rob steal and mug to get the money for more and you do need that money, this is another whopper on the price and I don't recommend this for my kitchen at home nor yours but if you really are a coffee junkie and those supermarket offerings are just nats piss to you then you must go and check out the sea island coffee site and order something of a finer quality. It starts with the packaging and finishes with that last bean, there is no disappointment here just a price tag. I gave this an 8 after knocking off 1 for price so a 9/10 for coffee and it feels good to be drinking the top notch stuff. However I also feel good driving large Mercedes with top down, but I don't own one, I just borrow my dads. A fine spritely offering, lemony in smell and frigging fantastic in flavour. It was gone in no time.