Taylors Espresso Coffee Beans

Taylors Expresso Coffee BeansCoarsely ground this came out fighting from its corner. A real heavyweight - and you'd expect it to be, being called an "espresso". Of course we had a whole mug of the stuff, not four drips in the bottom of a poncy "cup" that would look more at home on a doll's house table. It is bitter - might be more to do with our grinding technique again as the mug was full of powder - this wasn't a liquid - more of a semi-solid. Still, we like that on a Friday afternoon. Whether it will help with my current headache is open to question. This one is said to be made of four different beans - is that by design or from sweeping the roasting house floor? Who knows - it's a high scorer whatever. I'd have given it a 9/10, but I have to peg it down 1 for the ball-ache of having to grind the bugger ourselves. Taylors: that's YOUR job.

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"The coffee cognoscenti of Northern Italy are famed for their espresso blends. Our Espresso combines Brazilian coffee for balance, Indonesian for chocolate, Kenyan for sweetness and Ethiopian for a strong burst of flavour that's followed by a smooth lingering finish."

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It's that time again, it's Friday and 1 hour till home time. Got a packet here that looks dark and rich. If I was a woman i'd fall in love with this beauty. I'm just a coffee drinker at heart and this one says ESPRESSO and when you read the packet they claim to have combined 4 separate beans from across the globe that when ground up create a 'Dark Roast, Intensely Rich' Strength 5. Well if I could dance I would be dancing right now, as it is i'm just dancing in my head but it's a stunning waltz that would make those bods on celebrity dancing wet. I adore this coffee, the one i've made is a standard 6 spooner, coarse grind for 3 people. It's oily on top which is a bad sign based on previous experience but not when it's from a taylors packet. I will be moving onto other brands very soon but for now I have another coffee for the top shelf, not to be left in the kitchen. A very strong flavour with none of that metallicy after taste. A good kick, not quite a tyson but it feels right. The satisfaction in grinding the bean has been surpassed by the elation of drinking this cup. I've finished it whilst writing the review and can only hope that the Grumpy Mule range we are getting started went to the same places to source there coffee. I love this and it's getting a 10 from me. I think my colleague is not so sure so perhaps an average taylors 9 from him. If there is a Miss Taylor out there I would marry you and change my name to Taylor.

I'm somewhat less postitive than the Judge on this one. Doing my pre new year's shopping trip, it struck me I was out of coffee at home, so I jumped on this one at 2 for a fiver from ASDA. I've brewed up this morning (quite a fine grind) for a taste, and my feelings are mixed. Most importantly, there is plenty of oomph here - with more than enough caffeine to help me deal with a New Year's hangover. But we'd expect that from an Italian roast marketed as Espresso. There is actually quite a lot of complexity to this one as well - has a long finish to it which as the Judge correctly says is not metallic or nasty but actually really pleasant, almost chocolatey. It's rich and tasty. So, what's the catch? Well, for me the bitterness of the coffee is very upfront and overpowering. It's there from the start and it doesn't disappear from the mouth until the finish. A lot of the complexity and flavour is lost because you're just going... wow, bitter. I'll try it on a coarser grind next time, I suspect that might help. As it is, while I would probably buy this again, I can't go to more than a 6 out of 10.