Whittard Costa Rican Coffee

Whittard Costa Rican CoffeeThis is a first - the first ever coffee marked up as a strength TWO. And, yes, it's probably the weakest thing that's been near my mouth since the tooth fairy went down with man flu but still managed to struggle out of bed. They claim "aromatic, lingering sweetness" on the packet - well you'd never know. The lingering sweetness turns out to be a sickly sweetness - as all I can really taste in this one is the milk. If you like super-weedy coffee - which some people do - then this is ideal. I don't think you could ever make this too strong. (3/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This elegant, aromatic coffee comes from the Tarrazú cooperative in the San Marcos region of central Costa Rica.  This area has perfect growing conditions; rich red volcanic soil nourishes bushes that are warmed by the morning sun. Storm clouds and tropical plants shelter the plantations from the afternoon heat. This coffee has a fine silky flavour and a delicate, complex taste. Perfect to serve black, it is full bodied enough to drink milky."

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Judge Hank's picture

Man - Don't bother, nuff said. Weed - Pleasant flavour.