Whittard Pico Duarte Coffee

Whittard Pico DuarteThis was the first one I'd made in a while and je-sus this came out blacker than the Black Hole Of Calcutta. So what's with the delicate looking butterflies on the front of this I wonder? Now, I'm sure I didn't cock-up the brewing process, and this is officially rated a strength 3, so how it ended up a throat puncher I'll never know. But I think I have to face facts: that I over did it and that the strength here, while welcome, is slightly false and it's a really bitter cup that needs an extra tweak of sugar to get it down. I've enjoyed it though - a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. An easy 7/10 for this one. Shame we can only have one cup from the tiny packet.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"A rare Caribbean coffee, silky smooth with hints of spice. This exceptional coffee is grown on the mountainous slopes of the Dominican Republic, lulled by the gentle trade winds and balmy humid climate. Limestone rich soil gives it a unique taste profile that distinguishes it from South American beans. This coffee's mellow smoothness and medium body is balanced by a piquant acidity with subtle notes of spice. Perfect served black, or with milk, let its exotic aroma transport you to Caribbean seas."

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Another of Whittards little tiny colourful offerings and this one came at you with a hard on. For a strength 3 I had to wince my way through it and I was thoroughly enjoying it. You get my meaning. Look at the packet, it doesn't suggest coffee but then none of them have. In fact it's butterflies which seems the complete opposite of what is in the packet. It's still a great way to fill a stocking though and just an excellent gift every time. It's the second Whittard box we've had and both have been enjoyable through and through. With a range of coffees on offer and limited editions on there web site it's a good buy. This was too bitter for me though and comes in at 6/10.

Beautiful coffee not too bitter, and although it looks dark has a nice smooth flavour. It you are grinding yourself, which is what we do, don't do too fine as it makes the coffee bitter and will spoil this one. Will certainly go back or more.