Aldi Alcafe Rich Roast Ground Coffee

Aldi Alcafe Rich Roast Ground CoffeeYou just cannot knock this stuff. It comes from Aldi - which as we are all now starting to realise, does not mean dodgy budget products but infact means good stuff from Europe that's cheap as chips. This is another one from that stable - we paid £2 or £2.50 for this bigger than normal (250g) bag. OK the packet looks like some French hypermarket cheapy that will taste like ground ash, but trust us, it doesn't. It's a perfectly good brew that comes up as strong as you like it and we would happily drink it all day long and wouldn't be that upset if it was the only coffee known to man. If you're at work with a shared coffee kitty, make this be your donation and no one will ever know you're a tight arse cheapskate. Just hide the bag. 8/10

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