Brown Bear Cub Espresso Coffee Beans

Brown Bear Cub Espresso Coffee BeansWe would always imagine an espresso blend to be strength 5 - yet this Brown Bear coffee is only a strength 3 - and it shows. Making it in the plunger resulted in no creamy head, that's for sure. Every cup came out the same - it's impossible to over do it. For us judges though it was lacking any novelty twists to the flavour - it's just plain straight coffee. In fact - it's pretty difficult to review - it's hard to think of a metaphor. You need something to hang your criticism or praise on - and this one just hasn't got any hooks. But it tastes fine enough and maybe deserves to be run through a high pressure Gaggia to get the most out of it. In the mean time its a 7/10

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Though I almost hesitate to mention this in front of manly men like the Judges, I've quietly been getting into my strength 3 coffees of late. Perhaps in part due to my experiences having my head blown off by the Waitrose Java, perhaps my tastes have changed a bit. Dunno. Anyway, what I've been enjoying compared to the stronger brews of which I've been a regular drinker, is that while they aren't as long lingering in the mouth, they can be a bit more… lively? And if you strength them up you can often excuse their politeness. I decided to try the Brown Bear 3s having enjoyed their stuff in the past, buying the bundle on their site. This one was the first I opened. Readling their review, I can certainly see where the Judges are coming from with this one. I mean, you can't get away with writing 'tastes of coffee' in a coffee review. And it is certainly more at the more neural end of the spectrum, although that is not intended as a criticism. Even the spiel from Brown Bear's loquacious marketing department is unusually restrained… though I will give them credit in that this one does actually have a slightly citrussy finish (more noticeable when you crank up the strength). I'm personally not a big fan of Costa's coffee, but clearly lots of people are. If you are one of them, I'd say this would be a great coffee to try at home in your cafetiere. It does have some of the same qualities in terms of flavour. This one is getting 6 and a half from me. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I buy it again? Wouldn't race to it, but yes. Would I recommend it to my friends? Probably not. Perfectly acceptable cup of coffee but somewhat unremarkable.