Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee Beans

Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee BeansThese Brown Bear packs are heavy as hell - it says 225g or whatever on the side but it feels like they've chucked just that bit more in there. There's nothing worse than a bag of coffee that rattles around making you feel like you've been stitched up. This is their Italian which, for those who think that the coffee must have been grown in Italy, actually just means burnt. Ok... that's a bit harsh, but for the un initiated out there, to make an Italian coffee you just shake out the dust from your Vespa tail pipe before sleeping with the next woman you meet - available or not - and then going home and having your mother cook your tea. So it's not for the faint hearted. Luckily, here at Judge Towers we like giving a Vespa tail pipe a good rimming, and that's just what this is. The beans are clearly two types - there's a lighter and darker one in there - and they're pretty greasy - a sure sign of having been given a damn good roasting as it's this that drives the oil out of the poor little mites. You need to be careful with this one though - like all dark and powerful coffees - just one grain too many in that plunger and you'll be jittering all the way to A&E to get some sedatives. It takes some care with the grinding too - we've been chipping the sludge off the bottom of the mugs all week. Anyway - we love it. It's not sophisticated (like the Italians might have you believe) but it's a good 'un. An extra point for the very useful packet too - it re-seals. YES - it actually does! 9/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Brown Bear™ Mambo Italiano is an intense dark blend of strength, perfect for Lattes and Cappuccinos. High quality coffees from the three major coffee-growing areas of the world lend a balanced and sweet taste to this darkly roasted, traditionally Italian, blend."

Where you can buy it: 

    Buy it direct from their site: Brown Bear

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Strong, thick coffee that manages to go down pretty easily. Needed a chocolate hob-nob to take the edge off though. Has more in common with a lot of the South American coffees rather than the generally lighter European brews. A special mention must go to the tireless marketing department at 'Brown Bear' who are so committed to the ideals of democracy they just can't stop voting their coffee 10/10. You're an inspiration to us all. A solid 7/10 from me. Would have been 8+ but the bottom of my cup is more solid than liquid and it's put me off a little. Plus Brown Bear's political philosophy directly contradicts my staunch communist beliefs.