Cafe Direct Kilimanjaro Tanzania Coffee

Cafe Direct Kilimanjaro Tanzania CoffeeThis one is not bad at all. Looks and smells great - the whole room had the warm and welcoming feel from the aroma wafting off these 3 cups. the pale head was there at the start, and stayed there all the way down to the bottom. A very full taste with maybe a hint of a sour aftertaste that lingers for a while on the very back of the tongue. This is a strength 3 officially - but it's hitting above that I think - a 4 easily. Judges rating 7/10

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"Single origin Arabica beans are expertly grown on the fertile volcanic soils of Kilimanjaro to create a lively, delicious coffee with a clean intense flavour"

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Realising it was slightly weaker than my normal preference I did still refrain from adding an extra spoon and i'm satisfied it was the right choice. This feels like a proper strength 3 and has a nice flavour to it. Under no circumstances is it dry and the after taste is not too bitter. To be honest I couldn't identify the after taste either and have stopped myself from putting 'woody' or 'nutty' but it sure is close. I also like the packaging although I can't see how that's relevant. An enjoyable brew to make and finish off. Get's a good score from me and is definitly on the strong side of strength 3. 7/10 from me.

just retried it - though we are now a three-judge team we're onto 6/7 spoons for three cups - we're still getting the balance right. It came up a treat at 6 spoons though. I think it would be an 8 or 9 rating if i went to 7 spoons!
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This is a follow up to a tremendous Monday morning coffee and it hasn't let me down. Every time this has come in good so far and today is another seven. It's slightly creamy today, no bitterness and full of flavour. If i read my other review and i've described it as creamy i'll be impressed. This is a good coffee for 2011!