Cafe Direct Machu Picchu Peru Coffee

Cafe Direct Machu Picchu Peru CoffeeWe've already reviewed this exact same coffee, but as Beans, not ground. So that's one variable taken out of the equation. We made a 6 spooner and it looked like used sump oil going into the cup - you really can notice the oily looking surface. The first mouthful felt like a punch in the throat from Mike Tyson; the second felt like him ripping your ear off - this is definitely not one for sissies. A whole mug of this bad boy is just too much - we must have over-egged it. I can't go higher than 5/10 just yet. Try again with a weaker mix.

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"Single origin Arabica beans are grown at high altitude deep in the Inca heartland, for a richer, smoother tasting coffee with overtones of fine dark chocolate."

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Rarely if ever have I seen an oily surface on my coffee and it's put me off. I'm not sure if i've made it correctly or not but I persevered and although the colour was a little light and it had fairy liquid floating on it the coffee was a winner with me. As it cooled from the too hot to handle temperature I was gulping it down with great satisfaction. It kept it's oily surface and kept kicking me in the face. It's declared as a strength and I agree. Only get's a 7 cause i'm not quite sure I made it right and I didn't like the oily top. I'm fixated on it in fact and i'm hoping the next time we try this one it comes bald headed. 7 from me for now however this may change.

The Best Coffee, Is This It? It's so hot in the office today it feels like the Room on Fire. Drinking a hot drink to cool down well it was worth Trying Your Luck. An accurate review of this coffee, well it's Hard To Explain as I didn't taste it. I did have some coffee Last Nite though. I'm sure I'll taste it Someday, maybe at 12:51 tomorrow. It may seem like for this review The End has No End. The Strokes, but I hear Rob made this strong enough to enduce one. For Machu Picchu I'll Take It or Leave It.
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It deserved a second review as the first time around I was unsure. It's now been open for a couple of weeks and that does affect the coffee, however i'm sure you got some in your cupboard to that is a little past it. This one has kept well, it's still a kicker with a strong taste to it that I can't help gulping down yet again. I'll keep it at a seven and i'm pleased to say it's kept well despite being open. It has the buzz words fairtrade, organic and arabica on it. So does every other coffee so i'm not sure why they bother. FYI yes it's a little less oily as well.
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Taste: 7/10. Aroma: 6/10. Value: 8/10. Packaging: 8/10. Resealable: No. The packaging is great, though; it always makes me a little sad inside when I see coffee bags that are not sealable. The price is fairly reasonable for how it tastes. Let’s start this review with the only negative. – The Aroma is average. On the first brew I noticed it had a very nice kick for a 4 rating; then the nut taste became very noticable. Smooth yet strong nut taste that lingers on for ages(in a good way) and it somehow seems to taste nicer and nicer with each brew – It’s my first CafeDirect review I have done and it has been a very solid coffee, standing up against my personal favorite coffee. If the rest of the blends are as good as this I will be a very happy reviewer. There isn’t much more to be said about this one, you seriously have to try it for yourself, i’m sure it will be on your shelf in no time. I know I will definitely be keeping this on my coffee shelf. Overall rating: 7/10. -Judge Shaun.