Cafe Direct Machu Picchu Peru Coffee Beans

Cafe Direct Machu Picchu Peru Coffee

So we have to grind the beans for this one. I'm never sure if it makes any difference - that fresh ground is better that already ground. It's easier to OD though - you know that 5 spoons of this would be too harsh. The smell from the cup is not massive - it could be anything - but that's always the way with freshly ground. This is an expensive brew - 4 quid a packet - and for that I expect a lot. At 4 spoons I just don't think it does the trick - the lingering heavy coffee aftertaste is just not there. It's nice for sure... but needs a re-test on 5 spoons. Rated 6/10 on this first taste.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Macha Picchu fine 100 Percent Arabica coffee is grown at high altitude deep in the inca heartlands of the Andes, So you get a richer, smoother tasting coffee with overtones of fine, dark chocolate...and a perfect excuse for a top up."

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Just finished my first sampling and overall i'm very happy with it, I'm granting it a 7 which for me simply means I like the coffee. 5 is also not a bad rating from myself and 8 and above is special. It get's the seven as it tasted fine and left me with no 'gammy' after taste, my lips weren't stuck together and it had a very dark colour. No foam, I note the home ground beans seem to produce less foam. I think there is probably a scientific reason for it that I will never look into. This one wasn't as thick as the fine Miles coffee I drank this morning which is also a 7. Check the review for that later.

Decided last week never again to drink instant, got an espresso machine and picked up this bag of beans from Sainsburys. It's works well for espresso (Latte being my drink of choice). My only real complaint is the price, M&S brands for example are just as good or better at a better price than this.