Cafe Direct Medium Roast Coffee

Cafe Direct Medium Roast CoffeeFirst thing in the day this was a real disappointment. I think we always knew it - it is just the "medium roast" - there's no poncy name or flowery language on the back of the pack. First mouthful you may be fooled into thinking this is ok - but after a few glugs you're getting nothing. We used 6 spoons for 3 cups, so we could up that and try again, because it's definitely not horrible like the cheapo French ones we've supped. A lowly 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Made from carefully selected, freshly ground, Latin American Arabica beans for a rich, vibrant, well-rounded coffee."

Where you can buy it: 

Any bog standard supermarket.

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Not a lot positive or negative to say. It was a little bitter to taste and not the pleasing kind of bitter. There's poke you tongue out in disgust bitter all the way to that makes my legs wobble with delight bitter. This was definitly your tongue out variety so for medium strength bitter coffee lovers this is your jibe. It's still fair to say I like the strong coffees and some 3's come in as a 4. This is a 3, light in colour and felt fluffy. Very much the wet blouses coffee but taken as a 3, scores a 6/10. It was drinkable and god dam it almost angelic next to the instant so don't be put off. If you like your run of the mill coffees this could be your winner.

6 massive spoons went into this one today and it came out pretty good. So this is one to really load up without fear of it turning into a cup of liquid aluminium. Upgraded to 7/10.