Caffe Nero Classico House Blend Coffee

Caffe Nero Classico House Blend Coffee

There's no strength on this - it just says "medium roast" - so we've put it down as a 3, and it tastes like it. From the moment I spooned it in it felt very granular and that 5 spoons just would not be enough. It wasn't - it had no depth of flavour at all. The taste is fine though - it's just yet another coffee that needs to be tweaked from the norm when making it. SIX spoons next time!  Judges rating 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Medium roast blend made from three different premium grade South American Arabica beans and a dash of fine Indian beans. Full flavoured with real depth and strength, this intense Classico blend is the perfect morning coffee. Exclusively blended for Caffe Nero using only the freshest and finest coffee beans."

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This one was our morning mix and generally speaking the morning coffee needs to be a winner. Although a little 'tame' overall I was very pleased with my Nero purchase and I do always enjoy walking into a coffee shop. So plenty of flavour with little after kick, my drinker in arms was less impressed than myself but overall I gave this one a 5 as I was kind of expecting more. Little unfair of me as well since it was touted as a medium and I got a medium so I should rate it as such. In fact I just upped it to a 6.
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Just read my last review and realising I was about to echo exactly the same sentiments I am stopping here...... It get's the thumbs up this morning and for a medium I almost want to say 7! Maybe it got better after being open a few days. Very enjoyable.

I've come to the conclusion thank when the Hank makes it, it's better. This was a real smooth taster today, I don't know what he does to it. Maybe it's Rohypnol?