Climpson and Sons Guatemala Blend Coffee Beans

Climpson and Sons Guatemala Blend Coffee BeansThis says "Light Espresso" on the packet - and they mean it. It also says it's fruity in flavour - but this judge didn't get any of it. Not fresh fruit served in the Guatemala rain forest anyway - maybe a waft of tinned fruit cocktail served in a Little Chef. It's all just a bit too weedy for my liking - though it does have flavour and I can appreciate there's quality here - just not enough of it. Maybe if we spoon it up, big time, it'll get the church bells ringing, but at the standard dosage this is one for your mum. And I mean your mum, not mine, who is as hard as nails. (6/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Fruit notes of the Guatemala dominate, with a medium-to-full strength of body. We offer Guatemala as a blend for our wholesale customers using “bulk brewers” at their cafes, and many use it in pour-over filter, aeropress and cafetiere commercially as well. It has also been popular in cafes with a guest espresso grinder, as an alternative to the bolder house blends. At the roastery we love it in a flat white. If you make an espresso, extract longer (say 32g of extraction) and the effect is a wonderful smooth yet fruit-laden shot. This is because the low percantage of the non-Guatemalan coffee is there to lower the acidity and add sweetness. If you extract shorter, you will get a very fruity yet milk-chocolatey ristretto. In milk this makes a wonderful base. Filter and other methods should dose at normal strength, of say 60-70g per litre of water. Coffee details and ratios are as follows: 75% Guatemala Finca El Platanillo Maragogype. Intense, sweet with citrus notes and a pleasing acidity. 25% Colombian Excelso Medellin. Sweet, medium-bodied, milk acid, floral."

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This is the last of four coffees kindly sent to us by Climpson & Sons and that's a sad notion. I've enjoyed all four of these coffee more so than most, it's a very subtle brand and in case you didn't realise yet you get these beans as near to fresh roasted as I can imagine possible without roasting it myself and I like to think this was reflected in the fine taste and aroma of every one of the four we received. Looking at their web site shows plenty more to offer and I heartily recommend looking at this company for all your coffee needs. Settled on a 7/10 for this as it was to light and fluffy for my tastes but in all honesty 7 or better means A class coffee. Enjoy this brand just on your own or share it with friends. A colleague at work who drinks the nescafe instant commented it was the best coffee she had ever tasted and looked genuinely impressed.