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Coffee Direct Golden Crema

Coffee Direct Golden CremaThe packaging from coffee direct really is run  of the mill - everything they sell must just come in the same thing, and someone ticks the box on the side to say what it is. This I suppose should keep the packaging costs down and divert all funds into the coffee. But hang on a minute - this standard sized bag costs EIGHT QUID!!  That puts this up with the most expensive coffees we have ever tasted. To be fair, maybe these guys are catering supplies only because if you buy a bulk bag the cost comes down to a more reasonable £3.50 a pop. The beans look the part here - lush, leathery and oily. The coffee itself tastes fine - a deep flavour that will get you juices flowing . There's nothing out of the ordinary here - so I can see why the big catering bag would be useful if you could just serve this stuff up around the office all day long, everyone would be happy. It came out good when brewed weak or strong - so it should be a crowd pleaser. We were just left wanting for a little twist of some kind. Would have scored an 8, but a point off for the cloud-cuckoo-land pricing gives it a 7/10

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