Good African Uganda Rukoki Gold Coffee

Good African Uganda Rukoki Gold Coffee

This looks good when you open it - a funky packet, very modern, yet very "fair trade", nice and granular with a good whiff. In the jar it foams well - you are expecting a good cup from this. And yes, it is good. It looks like hot chocolate and I don't know if this is just the power of suggestion, but it has a choccy taste to it. It different for sure to our recent run of Taylors. Though its leaving ring marks down the side of my cup as it depletes. Is this what it's doing to me too? The "fruity overtones" never happened. Thank God. Judges at 7/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This medium to dark roast coffee is exciting, strong, yet smooth with hints of fruity overtones. Rukoki is a region high up on the slopes of the Rwenzori mountains in Western Uganda where the moist, cool climate enables farmers to produce the finest Arabica coffee beans."

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Hmmmm an afternoon corker. The nice bright yellow packet made me smile as did the rather generic description on the packet. Maybe the batch was fruity when they first tried it 7 years ago but it certainly isn't now. My colleague and I both agreed it was definitely chocolatey. Also was a joy to make, the powder did not creep around the plunger and colour was dark with a good 'froth'. Every mouthful was exciting but it was all over too fast. I don't mean I drank it quickly I mean after the gulp the cool coffee kick didn't last long enough. Ultimately a fine coffee and got 7 from me.

it just lacks depth..or body... or whatever word is best used by poncy reviewers to describe coffee (or wine for that matter). It was a very shallow coffee!
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Had another yesterday morning and I although i'm writing my review today, thankfully I have a 24 hour memory, I know yesterday was some stupidly hot day here and the coffee complimented the heat. I seem to remember it got better with every mouthful and it didn't last very long. I'm sticking with my seven for now and it's a good seven.
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It's a monday, i'm in the office early and its been 2 entire days since my last kick. Went light on the sugar heavy on the coffee and this time I'm kicking in with an 8! It got better after leaving it open for the weekend? I doubt it. Must be my sombre mood and desire for caffeine being satisfied but at least this one hasn't ruined the start to my day. Still a good all round coffee.