Taylors Cafe Imperial Coffee

Taylors Cafe Imperial CoffeeIt's a strength 3 and it's early afternoon. We're risking it here, but that's how we live life down these parts... on the edge. We did 6 spoons for three cups and it came out looking very caramelly. I was dreading the first mouthful - but it was kind of OK. They claim "citrus" on this one - which in my world is a by-word for "utter-bollocks". The trouble is that this thing gets weaker as you go. As your buds adjust, that first initial mini-hit diminishes to nothing and I felt as though I've ended up with mug of milk. A five year choir boy could punch harder than this one. Needs redoing with a few more spoons. Rated 4/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Smooth and subtle, this is the classic coffee that we serve every day in our Bettys Cafe Tea-Rooms in Yorkshire. What makes this blend superior is the true coffee aroma and fruitiness that comes from one of the most expensive coffees in the world - hand-sorted, high-grown, top-grade Kenyan."

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Finally one to split the judges, basing this on a strength 3 I have to say I found it a very pleasing 3. Some of them are quite clearly nats piss and should simply not be given a strength label. However I think this one has done the strength 3 crowd proud. I'm inclined to give Taylors a good review lately since they always come up trumps and my home cupboard is full of Taylor strength 4+ packets. This one has a very vibrant looking colour, a good aroma and whilst the overall punch is small I think for a 3 and for the devilishly reasonable price this is again another good score from Taylors. On the grounds it's a 3 i'm rating it at 7! If it had a slightly more vicious flavour it would of easily been an 8.
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The problem with good tasting coffees is after a while you run out of things to say about them. This coffee hits all the right notes without being to over powering or distinguishing it self in any particular area. A B plus student across the board. What this coffee does do well is not get destracted with the extra flavours that coffee makers love chucking into a brew, no weird marmalade tastes or fig infusion, just the taste of proper coffee, which is what its all about.