Taylors Café Brasilia Coffee

Taylors Cafe Brasilia CoffeeMade with four spoons rather than five – why? – who knows. The result though felt like a five spooner – dark and strong. There was big contrast between the pale froth and the super dark coffee beneath which just made you want to pick up that mug and get your face in it. Next time we’ll try a five spooner  and see if we can survive it. Judges Rating - 7/10

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One of the finer coffees I have sampled and I've started looking for the words Columbian, Brasil and Java in all my coffees now. The top was light, the liquid was dark. The grains fell slowly thru the coffee on tapping and the outcome was one of awe inspiring delight. My troubles faded out of existance as did the coffee. Definitly one to return to in the future for another review. For now this is one of my favourites.

I am enjoying a mug of this right now. For me it is definitely up there with Hot Lava Java and After Dark, maybe usurping one or both of them at the top of the tree in fact.