Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee

Dallmayr Prodomo CoffeeThis one's from Austria. We've had a few from there and, as cheapies, they've generally been better than French ones. This is a case in point - it IS drinkable - but there's just something slightly weird about it. It's very susceptible to getting the measures wrong - too much and it's liquid aluminum, too little and it's shallow and breathless. Just one glug of this and you know you are drinking "own brand", European coffee. For that shared chalet ski trip I think I'd buy this - it's passable - particularly because of the house-brick style doublele dose package - it's massive. But not for myself, no way. On the cusp then, 5/5.

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Well i've so far been mildly impressed with the few we've tried but they are everywhere and there marketing is top notch. A little bit pricey from the shop down the road but maybe supermarkets fair better. This was £4.50 but in my opinion well worth it. From grinding the lightly coloured beans the aroma was dancing around the room, add water and a lemony whoosh smell comes flying at you from the cafetierre. 3-4 minutes later, lightly sugared I was sipping one of the best coffee's i've had in a long time. I really relished every moment we shared and it was hard to let go. This one never had an 'inbetweener' coffee it was too good. Now it's all gone and for a strength 3 they nailed there own description perfectly. I'm buying my own tonight and gave this a 9/10. The finest mule so far and i'm looking for more. Can't find that many around though which in effect makes me want it even more!