Douwe Egberts Cafetiere Blend Coffee

Douwe Egberts Cafetiere Blend CoffeeA standard, always available coffee. No matter where you go, you can pick this one up, and to be honest, it’s nothing special. It's not overly strong - we just did 5 spoons for 2 cups. The flavour is there, but it's the kind of coffee I'd expect to be served in a restaurant or something - just a generic filter coffee. It's got something of a dry aftertaste too which lingers around. Drinkable enough but I just wouldn’t rush out and buy it unless it’s all that’s available. Scores just a passable 5/10 at this point.

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"Douwe Egberts Cafetiere Blend is a blend of the finest quality beans from around the world.  Medium roasted for a full flavour & smooth taste our Master Blenders have developed this coffee specifically for use in Cafetieres"

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it's been made a bit better - initially it tastes opretty good. But it does still have that dry aftertaste that hangs around for a couple of minutes. It can score a 6/10 but no more.
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The third attempt is always the one to seal it and i've made it with extra care as the first two were almost good. The coffee definitely has a distinct and strong flavour, it also has an overbearing after taste that lingers for too long and puts me off drinking the coffee again. I imagine grand pas drinking this coffee and loving it. The ones with yellow teeth and strong breath but it's a few years yet before I reach that stage. It has a very coffee look to it, a strong smell and the name is posh sounding. I can't say it's a bad coffee but it's not for me.

Lacks a bit of kick but the tastes you do get through are all pretty good. There're enough people who don't like their coffee too strong (but don't like the taste of instant) for this coffee to have a decent market. The dry taste that has been mentioned above in my humble opinion is actualy a bit of a draw, somthing a little different, and most importantly somthing worth mentioning on a coffee review website.