Douwe Egberts Morning Americano

Douwe Egberts AmericanoFirst things first - we don't like to be told when to have our coffee. So we made this "morning" coffee in the middle of the afternoon, just because we can. The top of this one is really filthy dirty - loads of swirls of powder and oil - which us Judges actually don't mind - although your average punter might. The first thing you notice is the smell of a harsh coffee - this is a strength 5 after all - but your immediate thought is cheap Robusta beans. Now it doesn't say so on the packet, but it also doesn't say 100% Arabica, which we've now taken to mean it's full of the cheap stuff. Even checking out the Douwe Egberts website doesn't give you any more clues. Everything about the Douwe Egberts packaging is dumbed-down for the average Joe - they don't want to tell you much about it, 'cos they don't think you'll understand!  Despite all this, it's OK and a good hit - just a little harsh. 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Morning Americano is a vibrant coffee, bursting with flavour and zing for those who crave a more lively coffee experience. We have created a full-bodied coffee that really packs a punch. Morning Americano is the perfect coffee to give you your morning boost! "

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This is quite a rich tasting coffee, despite not having a particularly full or rounded flavour - no layers or strong after taste, but pleasing non the less. Has a bit of a restauranty coffee feel about it. Don't have anything bad to say about this one! Pretty tasty cuppa.
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Not for the faint hearted, the ash, wood and charcoal flavours are all apparent. Ok ok so wood and charcoal don't often feature on coffee packets. That's because they chose the words dark and energetic for this one. They meant of course, bitter and ballsy. I like this one it's dirty, grungy and wants me to suffer for it. When your half asleep and in a bad mood this coffee is your friend. It lets you know immediately that your drink is not for the faint hearted and you better shape up. It will get you going in the morning and you will want a cookie with this one and a little extra sugar. Yea it's a coffee for men and you knew I was going to say that, i'm sexist and so what, i've acknowledged the difference in taste between men and women and report as such. Men only for this one, it's gutsy and unforgiving. I've turned toncy lately and favour the subtler tones of that Climpson and Sons range we sampled. For Mr. Douwe though this is a triumph and I happily give it a 7/10

We have just drunk a pack of this one. We did think it was ok,would buy it again if there was nowt I fancied more. I thought that bag was small. I thought the review here was spot on