Grand Mere Familial Coffee

Grand Mere Familial CoffeeWhat are we doing starting the week with another one of these French Cheapies? Because we live on the edge, that's why. We wern't expecting much from this one but we did notice how finely ground it is, so we took the initiative to make it a bit weaker. And it worked! By which I mean it didn't taste of an old pub ashtray, which is what we've come to expect of these French bargain coffees. It did smell of ashtrays though - so if you hold your nose and glug it down I think you can give it a 4/10!

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France, you cock.

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I got lots of this in France and this is great coffee, make it like you would good strong coffee, I use a machine that uses the bravilor sized filter, four large scoops and this is one of the best coffees you can buy. Seriously it puts most UK coffee to shame. 8/10 at least.