Grumpy Mule Finca Las Cochas Colombia Coffee

Grumpy Mule Finca Las Cochas Colombia CoffeeThis was a huge £7 in our local deli - so we're obviously expecting big things. Unfortunately there is nothing special about this "micro-lot" coffee. There is no depth of flavour at all - it's just utterly mediocre. That doesn't mean it's horrible - we all liked it - but there's nothing more you can say about it than that. It's quite a weak roast too - we really spooned it up and still there was no punch in this one. All of the 'notes' claimed on the packets - (chocolate, honey grapes..) are a figment of the marketing department's imagination. This is a an ok £2.50 coffee dressed up in fancy clothes, that's all. I can only score it an average - 5/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"With notes of dark chocolate and honey, a velvety smooth body and a white grape finish"

Where you can buy it: 

You can get a load of Grumpy Colombian here at Amazon

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After sampling some very good coffees' from the Grumpy bunch I was quite excited to try there most expensive offering to date. We asked about the cost, it's more expensive because it says Micro Lot coffees on it. This was the ground version. It looked good and the packet all be it generic had a sticker on it tailored to the coffee inside (piss poor for the extra cost but willing to forgive). However the coffee was just totally ordinary, in fact it was worse than a lot of the other cheaper coffees they offer. I decided it was bitter and smelly and burnt a hole in my wallet. I am skipping the rest of the Micro Lot coffees unless they come for free as samples. The one constant in my world of coffee is Taylors. Gave this a 4 in disgust.