Grumpy Mule Organic Brasil Fazenda Santa Terezinha Coffee Beans

    Grumpy Mule Organic Brasil Fazenda Santa Terezinha Coffee BeansThis has restored our faith in the Grumpy Mule - and Latin coffee - which for us lately just never seem as good as the Africans. We've had a few of these - and there's been no cock ups on any of them. Easy to make and forgiving on that early Monday morning shaking hand that could so easily over-egg it. Anyway - there aren't really any adjectives or metaphors to describe this - no "fruity"or "zesty" required. It's just a good old coffee-tasting mug that makes you realise that you will never drink instant coffee for as long as you live. They claim "nutty" and "chocolatty" which is just their marketing department talking utter bollocks. There's nothing to say except - it's f*cking great: get some. (9/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Santa Terezinha is a celebrated family farm from the fertile, rolling landscapes of Paraisopolis, Sul de Minas. Here their organic production techniques, environmental protections of and conservation of local resources all add to the appeal of such a big, flavoursome after-dinner coffee. Toasty, bold coffee with a luscious, velvety body."

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YES! I just pick up random bags of Grumpy Mules since the company is impossible to get hold of. We've emailed them and tried to get hold of them numerous times but we can't. Generally all the other coffee companies we've approached have been very forthcoming and very helpful. They want you to know about their product and they're proud of it. Still back on track this nutty chocolatey coffee contains no nuts and no chocolate but it is fucking awesome! This was a £4.99 er so I still don't approve but I can't help the fact every cup from these beans has been outstanding. Every sip tastes great and leaves you wanting more. It's even better the hotter it is so the plan is to gulp this down as quick as possible without actually removing all layers of skin from your tongue. It's a strength 4 and feels like it. 8/10 from me and 8,9,10 all mean hell yea i'd buy it again. It would be great to hear back from these guys though a lot of my faith in a company is from there interaction with customers. I can't, however, fault the coffee so you decide if you need to know about the company or if you just require god damned good coffee. 8/10