Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Cafe Equidad Coffee

Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Cafe Equidad CoffeeFirst tasting for over a week - and onto a new brand. It didn't look appealing - an oily looking surface and very little foam. The initial smell was of cigar ash - which knocked me back a bit to say the least. Even the first taste had more of the taste when you pick up the wrong beer can at a party and its the one people have been using to put their butts in. Not sounding good so far?  Well.. you can warm to it a bit, but it's a bit harsh for my liking. Agricultural. 5/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Roasted a little darker, this is a fantastically flavoursome coffee with notes of dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. The medium acidity and body grant the coffee a delightfully smooth flavour and lingering finish. Enjoying the breath-taking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, the shade grown, organic and Fairtrade certified coffee is carefully cultivated on small plots of land using traditional practices. Washed in the abundant mountain waters, the coffee parchment is then sun-dried in wooden boxes or typical patios before delivery to the local cooperative."

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With a blocked(man flu) nose and being asked to work late coffee is crucial. The guy in the shop down the road says this Grumpy Mule is so good that when the manufacturers tasted the beans they bought the entire crop. Ranging from £3.50 to £8.00 for the regular 227? grams. With a fancy looking packet and a nice consistent looking feel across the range you have to be impressed with the marketing. I have now taken a hit 3 times from this particular coffee and i'm really not sure. I think I like it, it's bitter, has a film on top and needed a little extra sugar. I don't really care to have it again though. It seems like regular coffee which when I pitch it against the hype, the price and the look to the brand the coffee itself is a let down. It's ordinary. 6/10 for me, it's a strength 4 and it feels like one but this is a case of looking good but failing to deliver.
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Grinding up my own beans yielded a very different coffee indeed. I don't know how to say this but this packet is an easy 8 and really dam good. Everyone agrees as well it's scary how everyone likes this truly lemony aromatic coffee and wants more. Now when I go to make a coffee people look at me longingly. I've kept it in the freezer as well. I'm upping this to an 8 and i'm buying it again. I hope this doesn't mean every packet is different cause it kinda makes reviews defunct!
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Taste: 7/10. Aroma: 6/10. Value: 3/10. Packaging: 7/10. Resealable: No. I have been trying this one for a few weeks and as the title says - you can get many different tastes out of it when you add more/less spoons and extra milk/cream. Today I added a little too much milk by accident and it tasted like nescafe with cafe mate which has never happened to me before! Such versatility isn't always great and on this one you have to be careful - but when you figure out the perfect amount - it tastes great. Overall rating: 7/10. -Judge Shaun.