Hancock and Abberton Fixx Coffee

Hancock and Abberton Fixx CoffeeThis a little poncy number picked up online by one of our rookie judges. The claim being it was award winning. Well, from the packaging it looks like a TK Maxx special - all thick shiny plastic and a sticker proclaiming "Great Taste" on the front. We'll be the judges of that. Packaging aside - this stuff belies its packaging and is genuinely a good tasting brew. It needs a good fine grinding to get the best of it - the first couple we did were way to weak. But once we had got it right it was a really mellow tasting but still powerful brew. Even though we'd really spooned it up to get the biggest hit we could, it was still silky smooth and was glugged down in seconds, with just a nice smooth aftertaste and no hint of the metallic ashtray we're so used to from coffee in these kind of packets. So get some if you can find it. A good 8/10 - maybe lost a point for the faff in getting the strength right.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"When Hancock and Abberton decided to create another brand of distinction, they came together with acclaimed New Zealand barista Buzz Fendall and something exhilarating happened. The result is FIXX. A flamboyant fusion that flaunts their integrity and commitment to offer the public the finest coffee. Daringly distinctive and shockingly seducing. This skillful blending of Sumatra, Ethiopian and Brazilian beans is perfectly balanced and will tease and tantalise the palate with its smooth, creamy and pleasantly spicy sensations. All beans are ethically sourced from coffee farms dedicated to natural methods of cultivation and quality."

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Not unpleasant, nor is it breaking new ground in the world of coffee beans. A slightly dusty aftertaste, although that may be a little unfair or at least simply a reflection on how the beans were stored. Packet looks quite pretty, and there wasn't any mush or undissolved grounds of coffee in the bottom of my cup, so that was nice. Not completely sold on this one nor would I dismiss it out of hand.

In my darkest hours, suffering from what can only be described as the plague, I have bravely soldiered on to bring you this review. Even in my sleep deprived state my dulled senses can pick up the flavours of this quick hancock fixx, which also does a sterling job of providing me with a useful boost of energy that may just get through to the end of this paragraph. Or life. which ever finishes first. Anyway, a really tasty, well rounded coffee with a...

nice, but nothing to write home about