Honest Coffees Up And At 'Em

Honest Coffees Up And At 'EmThis is probably the first coffee we have ever had that claims to taste of peanuts. So from the outset let's clear this up - it doesn't. And a good thing too as there's nothing more likely to ruin a good cup of coffee that a sprinkling of KP's finest all over it. What next - Chicory??  Hazelnuts? 'nuff said. The first cup we have from this was a real washout - weak as hell even when made at our normal strength of 5 desert spoons for two cups. But on closer inspection when we ground the beans for the second cup we realised why - these beans are as hard as the Kray Twins and practically took the blades off our puny little grinder. We had to put them through again before they submitted and we finally got to taste what this coffee's really like. We couldn't really pick up any berry fruits in there as they claim - it's pretty much a standard coffee without any whistles and bells. Nice enough - but neither super strong nor super fruity it kind of falls into no-mans land. 7/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Grown by Coope Tarrazu. This'll get you going! A well rounded coffee with flavours of sweet berry fruits and rich dark chocolate. Notes of roasted peanuts to finish"

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The second brew was a completely different drink - a finer grind with the strength whacked up makes this a really pleasing cuppa. I'm either in a particularly suggestible mood today or else I genuinely get the nutty aftertaste - and find it very enjoyable. A fantastic afternoon/after dinner coffee with a rich, full flavour that needs no sugar or sweeteners. Slightly sickly as I drank it to quickly, but this is perhaps an unfair criticism considering the strength was taken up a few notches. An easy 8.