Honest Coffees Firefly

Honest Coffees FireflyOnce we read the side of the packet of this one we were sucked straight in. Not since that rather ill judged biriyani for elevensees we had last summer have we suffered from a "cardamom finish". Unfortunately though, the cardamoms never materialised - which to be honest is a good thing - as they have no place whatsoever in a cup of coffee. We didn't pick up on te honey or blackcurrant either, Basically, the whole blurb on the side was clearly written by someone who'd just taken some cold remedies the night after a big curry and was still suffering from the after effects. Similes aside - this coffee didn't really do much for us. It tastes fine but it could be just about anything - it was shallow in flavour and just didn't deliver. maybe we didn't make it strong enough? 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Reminiscent of a crisp autumn harvest, Firefly's full juicy body sparkles with notes of blackcurrant, honey and and a cardamom finish. Grown by the Agricoles de Timana, which comprises 85 families of small coffee growers, was founded in 2001. They're deeply committed to improving their standard of living by producing and exporting high quality coffee, and their vision is to produce the cleanest and most rich flavour coffee mankind ever tasted. Firefly is rated 83 by the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA), which qualifies it as a speciality or gourmet."

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Occasionally I can understand where the marketing teams are coming from with their flowery (literary in some cases) coffee descriptions. This is not one of those occasions. Luckily for the kind folk at Honest Coffees this isn't too much of a problem as the only time you see any of their spiel is on the packet after you've already brought it from an obscure ordering service by the kilo. Honest's brews for the most part are a collection of hidden gems although this one lacks a little punch, or sparkle, depending on your orientation. That said there is certainly nothing amiss with this coffee and I imagine there're a host of subtle notes and expressive textures to explore for those determined to do so. So give it a try, although if you are looking for something that tastes like blackberries you're probably better off with a carton of Ribena.