House of Coffees Confessions Daily Obsession Coffee

House of Coffees Confessions Daily Obsession CoffeeThis came from someone's hols to South Africa and first thing - it looks a bit cheap and nasty. Like one of those own brands from a a French Hypermarket. It looks inviting in the cup, and the smell is definitely enticing. Even the first gulp gives you a warm, comforting feeling. It tastes cosy. But as you work your way down you discover some kind of weird bitter chocolatey taste that builds and builds with every sip. Between sips, the bitterness lingers on the back of your tongue in a not altogether pleasant way. We've had three cups of this before we could finally make up our minds: it's not great, but as a one off, it's passable. 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Once you’ve discovered the full-bodied flavour of this premium medium-roast coffee, with its smoothness on the palate and hints of chocolate and caramelised sugar, it will be difficult not to obsess about coffee. House of Coffees Confessions Daily Obsession is made from quality coffee beans which are roasted, blended and ground to perfection to give it its unique balanced character."

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Definitely chocolaty - though without the dried milky/creamy taste that accompanies many of the other coffees in the same vain. It does get sickly towards the end of the cup and as mentioned above, a coffee that gets worse as you make you make your way through... however, as always there is probably someone out there who can't get enough of that taste, I just prefer my coffee to taste of coffee. not too much to ask for...
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I remember this one, it looked good in the packet and in the cup. I tried to like it and nodded going 'hmm not bad'. As you get further through it though and it starts to cool, it turns to treacle and is definitely not what you want from the time invested in it's creation. Not for me in the end and I rated it 3/10 for coffee.