Jacques Vabre Terroir De Kitale Kenya Coffee

Jacques Vabre Terroir De Kitale Kenya CoffeeOne of the Judges picked this up on a recent trip to Le Mans from the Arnage Supermarche. We've learnt our lesson on buying French coffees - they have hundreds to choose from , but always choose from the right hand side of the display - i.e. the more expensive, because they have more than their fair share of cheapies which are frankly un drinkable. We had no idea what this one was, but saw the word Kenya on it and snapped it up. And it's a good 'un - you can make it as strong or as weak as you like and yet the lemony Kenyan twang pokes through at you. So forget those Cafe Maison trad French coffees and go for this one  - you won't regret it. A whopping 9/10

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No longer do I mock the french for there taste in shoddy coffee. Ok maybe I do, mock the French I mean, but not for coffee. Whilst all the other French coffees have been a complete of good boiling water this one is without a doubt from the other end of that scale. Frickin awesome I would say. Light, fluffy, Kenyany (it's a word). Add a spoon and it's a tasteful gritty puncher. This coffee can be happily sit on the larry lightweight shelf and the harry heavyweight shelf alike. It's all in the making and I love that kind of control. 8/10 from me and a very good all round coffee. Buy it in France :) 8/10