Sea Island RSW Peaberry Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Sea Island RSW Peaberry Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee BeansSo this is the best coffee known to man. Apparently. Jamaica Blue Mountain. We got gifted this by the lovely people at Sea Island Coffee who seem to specialise in the most exclusive and top of the range coffees. This half sized pack of 110g retails at £13 - that makes it the equivalent of £26 for a normal sized packet which is just utterly ridiculous. Now that's not Sea Island ripping you off - this Blue Mountain coffee costs the earth wherever you get it. As for the actual taste - well it's pretty fine and made a delicious cup. The first cup was a little weak so we spooned it up by one - I think this one can't be made wrong no matter how many spoons go in, it will always come out good. But you can't help choking and losing some of the pleasure with every sip when you think of the extreme cost - it's a coffee for Mugs. Arf. It would have had a 9/10 for taste but I've had to dock it a massive 5 for the rip off factor as it has to score under 5 which is our threshold for "would never buy it again". Sorry guys - 4/10. Final answer.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Representing just five percent of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee harvest, peaberry beans are special as they develop into one seed resulting in oval shaped beans. Some experts believe that peaberry is superior to normal flat beans, claiming there is a greater concentration of flavour in one whole round bean. Produced with love and care by three old coffee farming families, namely the Langfords, Diekmans & Allgroves, on three estates; Resource, Sherwood Forest and Whitfield Hall, the farms range from 800 to 1,700 metres in elevation, with the main house, mill and patios dating back to 1797. Perhaps the claims of the peaberry’s superiority is true or it may simply be explained by the dedication to excellence demonstrated by the RSW Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain farming families. Anyway, this coffee is certainly an example of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee at its best; smooth and bold at equal turns with a rich, sweet finish and heady aroma."

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I've been trying to find a reason for the price of this coffee, and think that it's probably just a self indulgent placebo some people may get from drinking somthing expensive. That said, although not the strongest coffee it did have a lot of taste, and not just one flavour, but a bit of a spectrum of sweet, bitter and dare I say fruity? Experienced tasters would probaly call this layered, I'm gonna call it a multi-couloured costly coffee.
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Well here it is, the entire reason for my existence. One of the worlds most renowned and sought after coffees and short of being shoved through a bat and shit out the other end this is as real as coffee gets. So this is the one grown at the place on earth that is near perfect for growing coffee. The hoodoo voodoo built up around this one is no joke that stuff really does affect the coffee. So should you pay potentially 10* the cheapest amount (picking up 2 packs for a fiver at your supermarket). Well who am I to judge, oh yeah that's right i'm perfect for it i've necked down hundreds of coffee's and staunchily described each one to who ever is the room. I love the stuff and hell yes this coffee is fantastic. I loved it. From the packaging to the aroma in the kitchen to the first swig of my cup to the last powdery drop I loved it. It really is good coffee. Check out the Moshi Peaberry fairtrade from Sainsbury's own brand at £3 it tastes very similar indeed. If you well endowed in the wallet area then sure splash out on some Blue Mountain and go nuts. You won't be letting yourself down when it comes to flavour. I will think you're an idiot but i'll still take your awesome coffee. I just can't bring myself to ever buy some so I had to stick to 5. Trust me though If i had made it as a successful guru or a dodgy accountant or a musician and I was loaded with spare money i'd buy this stuff. I'm not that man and i'm sticking to my reasonably priced offerings :). This however was one of the nicest things i've ever been given and I think it's just fair to say one more time the coffee was awesome from the moment it arrived to the moment it was finished. Awesome

Dear Coffee Judge, Many thanks for the evaluation. We agree that it is an expensive coffee - only 1000 tonnes are produced annually after all. Despite the 4/10 rating, we take great pleasure in the fact that it was rated in your analysis as follows: "As for the actual taste - well it's pretty fine and made a delicious cup." Enough said.
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Thanks for stopping by. Everyone agreed here it is one of the finest we've sampled.