Kirkland French Roast Sumatra Coffee Beans

Kirkland French Roast Sumatra Coffee BeansThis is a real cheapy - it comes from Costco and is a massive 1.3kg bag - and that's the smallest one they do. We had already made up our minds that this one was going to be slightly rough - it's a cheap catering coffee. The beans looked weird, and smelt weird. When it's brewed, the initial smell is of a cheap, dirty coffee. But then up close, the smell is pungent and earthy - it smells like the piss soaked ground by the men's urinal at Glastonbury on day three. If you hold your nose and just swallow, it's actually drinkable (the coffee - not the Glasto piss) - definately the best ever "cheap" coffee we've had. I even finished the whole cup. But it's not something you'd rush to repeat - and that leaves you with 1.299 kg still to get rid of. I'd serve it in a restaurant - but it's no good for home use. 5/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Earthy flavor with a velvety chocolate finish."

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It's the only offering I could find at CostCo so I presume lots of businesses buy this one. What's more the bean is shiny, I mean it's been polished and smells funny. I thought it smelt of actual fish. After grinding it the coffee was hidden on the dark plastic. Not the usual shiny spritely grind i'm getting used to. Also in the past the dark ones have been bitter so I wasn't really looking forward to this odd looking odd smelling drink. However I persevered in hope since the bag is MASSIVE. So actually after closing my eyes and taking a gulp it's a pleasant enough coffee. Not one i'm keen to try again so I will probably leave this on someones doorstep. It is though a manageable coffee and served in a restaurant to your regular punter they might just enjoy it. Beats any instant hands down no problem. I gave this a 5/10 not because it was bad, not because it was good but because it smelt fishy. Sorry guys, don't pack your coffee near the fish.