Kopi Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Coffee

Kopi Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Coffee

This Kopi coffee we got with the full info sheet - and man do they love their coffees. Read the blurb below if you don't believe me - this is the care they put into describing just one coffee. Our problem with it has been the coarseness of the grind in the pack we bought. It's really grainy which has led to a few under-endowed cups. Once we realised that though and cranked it up a notch, we got more of what we were after. A fine tasting cup and not overly bitter. Still nothing to scream and shout about - particularly for top-of-the-range £7 price tag which has definitely cost it a point. Maybe this one has gone off a bit - it being last months coffee?  (7/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

  "Perfect as: a sensuous, subtly sweet treat any time of the day. From a fourth-generation family farm in volcanic central Guatemala. Ricardo Zelaya and his family have been producing world-class coffee at Santa Clara farm for over a 100 years. They grow one of only a handful of Genuine Antigua coffees unique to the lush Antigua valley. Their prized plantations spread along the Pacific-facing slopes of Agua, sister to Guatemala’s two other active volcanoes, Acatenango and Fuego.   Guatemala’s exotic eco-regions are noted for their mineral-rich soils and microclimates which produce elegant, sweet, smells-wonderful coffee with a distinctive chocolately side to them. Dark chocolate combined with a nice nuttiness (almonds anyone?) and hint of vanilla make this month’s coffee a very appealing all-rounder - zingy, rich, intense and never heavy.   Do say: Guatemalan coffees are 98% shade-grown, don't you know?   Don’t say: I thought Antigua was in the Caribbean.   The Provenance: Small but coffee-mighty, Guatemala is one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth. Its moist soil, low rainfall, cool nights and oodles of sunshine produce some of the world’s finest arabica beans. Altitude - 1650m+ Finca Santa Clara hits the top spot in the Guatemala Coffee Board’s bean classification. Its SHB status - strictly hard bean (honest) - guarantees it’s been grown at a height in excess of 1650m and is the best in the country.   Processing: Fully washed and dried on a patio. Virtually all Guatemalan coffee is washed because the constant humidity vetoes the dry method; beans rot in it rather than dry."

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Without thinking I called it Spritely. This is the second pretty good coffee in a row. What these guys do is send you a pack of coffee monthly that they have selected. You get the date it was roasted on the packet and it's a nice idea. Look swanky to. It's 7 quid a month if you sign up for a year and whilst it might appeal to the side of me that wants to appear rich and cool at the same time the reality is 2 for a fiver at supermarkets do have some dam fine coffees on offer. The problem is finding them. That's what we're here for though :). Peruse the reviews and pick the one you're after. Still if you can get the boss to sign up to this and bill it to the company your laughing and quids in. Plus you know you're getting a good coffee without actually looking for one yourself. I gave this a 7/10 as well and i did enjoy drinking it and the guy we met at the coffee festival came across as a decent hard working chap. The kind you don't mind giving your money to. Thumbs up for the idea. Bring the cost down to a fiver a month and sign me up for life!