Lavazza Crema e Gusto Coffee

Lavazza Crema e Gusto CoffeeThe package looked good - glitzy, but oozing tasteful Italian style. It also claims "crema" - which we now know is the fine creamy foam that sits on top of your coffee. So I was quite excited about this. BUT - jeez - this stuff is the cheapest tasting muck you we've had in a while. It's no wonder - when you read the back of the pack it says 70% Robusta beans. Now, us judges have now learnt that Robusta = Bollocks, and this coffee is testament to that. You may as well go down your local petrol station, pick up 5Kg of BBQ charcoal and suck on the biggest lump. The only way we could drink this was to weaken it down a spoon and add a bit more sugar. That made it just about drinkable. Just. (4/10)

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"For those looking for an intensely pleasurable and strongly flavoured break at any time of the day (the right time), Lavazza Crema E Gusto is a blend with a distinctive character made of fine Arabica and Robusta coffees. A chocolaty blend with a distinct full bodied taste."

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Lavazza have produced some of my favorite coffees so I had high hopes for this one. However, the fear began to creep in when I saw the word 'cream' in the title as previous creamy style coffees have been particularly rough. This lavazza though manages to trump those other dody tasting brews by combining a good half portion of ash tray per cup. First coffee in a long time I struggled to get down. Can't see who this coffee would appeal to, apart from possibly that chimp they taught to smoke, he problably wouldn't know any better, bless him.
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Not one impressed by the packaging nor the cube like blocks of coffee as it seems very uncaring to me, I still score highly when the end result is awesome. Gave this one a 5 as it's not awesome it's not pretty but I managed to drink it. It's too fine again as all the Lavazza's so ended up powdery and bitter, nut nice and creamy as the box package suggests. The black Lavazza is great, ignore the rest.

You are all so wrong about this coffee. I think this is the best tasting cafetiere coffee that is in the Lavazza range. It has a fuller taste than Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee and beats Percol Guatemala Arabica Coffee in my opinion. I am on the Percol Guatemala Arabica Coffee now and find it to be a b it watery. I think another great point about Lavazza Crema E Gusto is I think it is consistently good every single brew never hit or miss. It is also fantastic value. Sorry guys.

This coffee has to be the best there is in the World. It has an amazing chocolaty taste with an amazing after taste. Not in any way bitter. I dont understand the comments of some of the other on this website. When I 1st tasted it I thought this is the one I am going to stick to. I use the cafeteria method and this works best form. I cannot rate this coffee highly enough! Welldone Lavazza!

Naysaying commenters have probably never been to Italy. Crema E Gusto was a departing gift to me in '04 from some deep Veneto region friends...who, by the way, completely get it, and have for decades. Never budged from ever since. Outstanding world class caffe.

Shoddy coffee maker...with my US$50 Mr. Coffee machine I get just a few specs residual with factory-original permanent filtering.
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This is a different coffee for a reason. Robusta beans are a more inexpensive bean to produce so the coffee is therefore less expensive. Don't confuse inexpensive with cheap, however. This coffee makes a pleasant break from the rich Lavazza black, but is a little unusual. And beware, the caffeine level of the Crema is high. Reheated doesn't work at all, by the way

Original review clearly expected something very different. Robusta has a time and a place, and this coffee is perfect for then.

maybe you're right.. any tips for making this more drinkable?

Another misconception is that blends are bad. No true. This blend smells excellent, tastes full, strong and not harsh but flavorful. Please note: method of preparation is very important. Because of the grind, this coffee is excellent for espresso. It's easy to get right with a plunger type of coffee pot too. Overall, this coffee is excellent on many levels. But to each his own.

We're going top have to try this one again - too many people are saying we were wrong! Maybe it was a stale pack we got hold of?!

I bought this because I wanted an espresso that would produce a lasting crema using Bialetti Brikka. Pleasing result, although it does give a kick to (I think) the kidneys. Not to be abused.