Lavazza Espresso Coffee

Lavazza Espresso CoffeeLavazza have done the business with this one. It's strong but mellow and that espresso taste lingers in your mouth in a nice way. Not only that, it's easy to make - every cup came out well, no matter how shaky the hand measuring out the spoons. Even the packet exudes quality and continental sophistication. The only downside is minor - the stupid vacuum pack is almost impossible to open without tools, and once it is open, you can't re seal it and you will end up with coffee all over the shop. But hey, I'm not going to knock a point off for that. That's part of its charm. This has to be scored top marks - but is it as good as the Hot Lava Lava?  We'd have to do a side by side taste-off I think. (10/10)

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This lavazza has replaced the Lava Java as my go to coffee at home - What higher praise can I give it? A certain 10 out of 10 for me, this doesn't quite hit the unyielding levels of strength the java does but is not far off. Taste wise there's not much that comes close to it, it manages to be distinctive without being strange or adding loads of unnecessary flavours (ie fig/marmalade/cardboard) The only complaints with this seem to be the packaging which has permanently scarred my kitchen floor with coffee grains. It's all worth it though.
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Sounds like some Italian football player to me but it isn't. It's a brand of coffee, probably owned by a football player hence the name but whatever the name I don't judge, or do I. It's one of the best Lavazza coffees i've had and every cup was good. I wasn't so impressed that I would give it a ten but it never failed us and it's the first Lavazza to make me go hmmmmm. For me it ticked all the boxes but it wasn't quite good enough in any respect. None the less one of the finer coffees we've had only we've had so many now it just can't knock the off the top ones. The Lava and that Citrusy Blackcurrant bean for instance spring to mind immediately for me. 8/10 and thumbs up.

I've been drinking this in the office for a few months having bought a 6 pack from Amazon. I've really liked it. I've also had the Crema e Gusto and Rossa which are both ok but this is certainly worth the little bit extra.

This was, for a long time, my go to blend at work. Firstly, regarding the packaging: Yes, the vacuum pack is a pain in the arse. I got so fed up with grains getting in the fridge and all over the counter that I eventually bought an airtight container and decanted the coffee into it when I opened a pack. If you drink this one regularly, the container will pay for itself in a few months such are the spillages arising from the packaging. On to the coffee: It's strong, it's really easy to make (very hard to overdo) and while it is quite straightforward taste wise, it's a pleasing taste which is very slightly fruity and not too bitter. So you get good results from the first time you make it and they are easy results to repeat. I would say though, if you put it up against something that is a bit more complex, this one can taste a bit.... towards the bland end of the spectrum. It's like a big Italian prop forward. Rugged, well built and it gives you a very strong push. But it's very much a piano mover rather than a piano player. Six and a half out of ten.