Lavazza Il Mattino Coffee

Lavazza Il Mattino Coffee

Lavazza has always been a judge favorite as the quality big brand coffee. This was a French bought cheap version though - well under 2 Euros a pack. The powder is a very light brown - which is always worrying. It's definitely strong but tastes very dry, with the "cheap coffee twang". I can't believe that there is such a thing as a sub-standard Lavazza so we'll re-make it with only four spoons and see what happens. Initial rating 5/10

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just tried it again... if it didn't have the word Lavazza on the front, I would have slagged this into the ground and given it a 3 rating. It was harsh and plastic tasting. It gets one more chance - but I MUST remeber to go down to just 4 spoons next time.

Just tried it again - slightly weaker - and the first thhought was cardboard.. then biscuits... then caramal. Basically it's like drinking a pack of biscuits including the packaging. Still - it's not AWFUL - so if you want a budget coffee when in France, this is actually bearable.
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I didn't find this coffee too bad this morning, it was tempered with an awesome bagel I had to go with it. I found it creamy and mild and when the Nooge said biscuits i had to agree. Unfortunately the power of suggestion is strong in this one and now all I can taste is biscuit. Not getting a great review as now it's gone i need more coffee.

Acctually this is one of the best, i think!

We have this coffee ready when we wake each morning and has been the start to our day for well over 3 years, friends and family keep us in supplies when going to France and we love it!!

Bought this in Bahrain last night for BD0.99 GBP1.67 along with a pack of my usual Lavazza Espresso, had to try it for that price. It has a good aroma but its not a great cup. Having said that, I work in a Saudi office where they use Hills Brothers American coffee, give me Il Mattino any day over that stuff. Won't be buying it again though!