Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee

Lavazza Qualita Oro CoffeeThis one has been a real puzzle. First time round it had a creamy taste to it. Like it was crying out to be made stronger. It was also quite sweet tasting - I was definitely thinking that this is a coffee for girls. Then every time we've made it since it just got more bitter - now is this a part of the aging process? Can it change that much, over 2 days, kept in a sealed tin? Or is it some kind of reaction to us emptying the stupid vacuum pack out into the uber-cool Illy tin? Whatever, I needed a tiny bit more sugar to make this to taste for me. In the end though, it's a 7/10 while you're drinking it, but it does have a bitter after taste, which pegs it down to a 6/10.

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"A blend of smooth and sophisticated taste for a pleasing and intense aroma"

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Shiney gold packages should be reserved for substances of a certain quality - and i'm struggling to think of wether this falls into such a catagory. There is certainly nothing wrong with the taste, the bitterness is definately a plus as it's not too strong so it gives it an extra little somthing, although it does seem to hang around for quite a while after drinking. This one may be better served as an Espresso - as it seems to suggest with the ricdiculously small cup on the front of the packet. This is getting an 8... and not just cos my mum recomended it to me. One of the few european coffee's I've really enjoyed.
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Being a selfish species we generally want what we want, when we want it and when we don't want it any more it should go away quietly. Well I wanted a coffee in the morning and I got one, and it was from a packet made of gold that when sealed could pass for a gold brick. It would kill you if it fell from the top shelf onto your head however this one fell straight into my cup. It was good and I had it with a small piece of cake. After a few sips I decided it was creamy, in texture and taste. Quite a nice coffee I thought it but it hung around, and stayed beyond my comfort zone which is about 2 minutes so I could still taste it 20 minutes later. Not the cool creamy taste either, I think my mouth was lined with bitterness, any more and I may have started screaming cuss words at the packet. As ever I had 2 of these with similar results. So a good strong creamy coffee with a long lasting after taste. No thanks. 7/10 for being what it is but put side by side next to my favourites there's never going to be a debate about which one makes it to my cup.

Well, opening the pouch was great i my eyes discovered big regular beans medium roasted. So, the best roating if you want the widdest range of aromas and complexity. My eyes were pleased, my nose NOT, as it seems that i will be bitter and that the wide range of aromas was just a dream...a crazy expectation... Beans were grinded ultra fine, 14grs for a double expresso (14cl) and then directly processed. Result, approximately 25/30 s to complete the double expresso (good time)and 4/5 mm of light brown cream. At first taste could not believe it was so bitter, and remained extremely bitter so went to my sink ! Awful quality that is only good to collect a 2/10 mark ! Better consumed before march 2014...hum...i don't want to imagine the march 2014 quality !