Maison du Cafe Ma Tradition Coffee

Maison du Cafe Ma Tradition Coffee

There is  no “strength rating” on this, a French coffee. Only the English it seems are obsessed with such vulgarities. The French just buy the coffee. Anyway – it’s quite brutish. Very dry and metallic, with a bit of an after burn. Not ideal – in fact the aftertaste builds for the next half an hour until you feel like your tongue has been replaced with an aluminum ingot.– needs downgrading from 5 spoons. Judged at a miserly 3/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

God knows - it's all in French. Probably just slags off the English though.

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First work coffee of a Monday morning and it's an important one. I was late in so I missed the main brewing and settled for a singular personal brew in my 'special' cup. It was a bit weak and not didn't have enough colour for me. The overall outcome though was good enough that I would drink it again. Only gets a 4.5 though I wouldn't buy it off the shelf. With a proper brewing this may well be a different coffee but overall it's not been well received in this office.