Make Decent Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo

Make Decent Coffee Ethiopia SidamoWe love a "lemony" coffee here in the Judge's Kitchen - so were excited to try this Ethiopian Sidamo coffee that we knew would probably deliver. JE-SUUUS this thing is packed to the gunnels with lemons - you just won't believe it until you try it yourself. As soon as the water hits the grounds you'd be forgiven for thinking you were brewing up a flask of Lemsip. It foams nicely in the caffetiere and the head lasts right down through the cup too. It just look... lush.  If you can get hold of some of this stuff and feed it to your non-coffee loving friends it might just turn them - as it proves that all coffees are really not the same. Some are totally unique - like this one. If anything its just a bit TOO unique - so we're giving it 9/10 - just a point off for having one too many lemons.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Lemon aroma and a berry like taste, complex citrus acidity with a clean sweet finish. Carefully nurtured in the birth place of coffee - this lovely Ethiopian Sidamo deserves to be Made Decently!"

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When I tried the first cup of this I made some rather bold claims that this was a perfect ten… Perhaps I was in a particularly good mood, but the subsequent brews didn’t quite hit the same heights. That’s not to say this coffee isn’t a triumph for the Ethioian Bean growers association. I think I am simply more aware of the slightly (ever so slightly) sickly sweetness mixed with what I consider the idea level of acidity/lemony flavour. That’s the only hole I can pick in an otherwise awesome cuppa – A solid 9.