Malongo L'Express Coffee

Malongo L'Express CoffeeThis is a weird looking one that comes from France. It has a bit of English on the side that says "Creamy Coffee Personified" which is quite literarily wrong, as creamy coffee it may be, it still is just a tin of coffee and not a person. Which is what I was lead to believe personified means. Once you get past the grammatical errors and into the tin, the first thing you'll notice is how finely ground this is - it's got the consistency of flour. Which means when you spoon it out it's very easy to overdo it - it will pile up on the spoon in a giant pyramid that is quite literally the Great Pyramid of Cheops personified. So you do need to keep tapping the spoon to bring it down to a more normal measure. The resulting brew is worth the fiddling though - it's a frothy, heavy number that is super chocolaty and satisfying. Like a Milo laced with amphetamines. Unusually for the French it comes in a handy tin rather than a nightmarish vacuumed packed brick which makes it very user friendly. We loved it. 9/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Creamy coffee personified. The best harvests, carefully selected from the great origins of Latin America, have brought about this rare, smooth and creamy coffee with an overwhelming aroma and a true flavour. traditional roasting enhances the richness of its flavours and produces a fruity and aromatic coffee."

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