Marks and Spencer Cafe Connoisseur Dark Roast Coffee

    Marks and Spencer Cafe Connoisseur Dark Roast CoffeeThis is a first - we had this one first thing and now we've had it again in the afternoon. The reason? It's a little beauty. Marks and Spencer have done us proud here with a rich tasting brew that lingers on the tongue as you swallow it down. It packs a meaty punch - it's a proper strength 5 for sure. Why aren't there more strength 5s about? It's not cheap though - I paid about £3.50 for this which puts it in the middle ground. This is coming in with a top score - only dipped down one point because there was no standout single quality to mention. Although the grind is perfect for the caffetiere - no sludge AT ALL left in the cup - that's a first! Judged at 9/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"A traditional 'French-Style' full-bodied blend to complete a classic continental breakfast. Paris is the capital of style, right down to the darkly roasted coffee served at its many cosmopolitan street cafes. We have captured the intense flavours of a classic French roast to product a bold, chocolaty blend that is just as perfect with a pastry in the morning as it is after a hearty meal enjoyed with friends."

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Whilst I do love reading the side notes on a packet I haven't really read one that was right. I'm sure they spend 10's of millions on that marketing blurb and the guy who wrote it is laughing all the way to the bank. So no to chocolatey and no to the French flavour however it is an awesome coffee and one that needs no blurb. It's worth a gulp and your gutted when it's gone. I do like a strong coffee and this is one of the better ones. 8 from me and in the strong coffee section 8 is nearly king.
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Monday morning coffee's are subject to a harsher review than any other day and this one has held it's own and even delivered a punch. Despite being open the weekend it has kept it's pleasing Aroma, looked great in my mug and for a moment there I thought I saw jesus on the top of my coffee. To cap it off the act of drinking it down was heavenly. Still on top form for this one.
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Well another fine sitting from this coffee yet again, it's still fresh enough to pack that original punching flavour and today has been a coffee bonanza with this and the lava java making an appearance.