Marks and Spencer Christmas Coffee

Marks and Spencer Christmas Coffee

We've cracked - it's only mid November and we've been suckered in to this Christmas Coffee from M&S. In theory, we should love it - it should be totally over the top and over indulgent. Don't waste your time - it  isn't! There's more flavour in a bucket of reindeer's milk. It's just totally lacking uuumph. We immediately spooned it up a notch for the second cup and that made no difference either. This is meant to be a strength 4 - but it's more like a 2. It's not horrible though - it's the kind of just-about-ok-coffee that you might get made when visiting a friend's house. If you don't want to be over powered, if you like mellow, then you may well like this. Otherwise, it's a no no. 5/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Rich and chocolatey, perfectly complements the flavours of Christmas."

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Top marks for marks, the packaging truly says christmas and I picked this up even though I wasn't shopping for coffee. It's rich chocolatey and dark and complements christmas. At least it does if you believe the packet. Strength 4 as well. YES you might be thinking. Think again and to the inverse it was pansy poop and left me wanting a cup of coffee. I didn't hate it, not at all but it was wet and weak and creamy and lacking the juice to get me kick started for the day. I gave some to a girl and she liked it. Not for me this one I turned to my fellow judge after one sip and said 'thats crap'. He nodded and we drank in silence. Anticipating this afternoons remix. Time to up the spoonage!
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It's the same, that's the thing with good coffee even if you over do it you still get a good coffee. The rule also applies to shit coffee though, you can't just add more and it tastes better.
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This is the weakest tasting coffee I've had for some time. I ended up throwing out most of the packet as it was so weedy. My cat's urine probably has more oomph than this. 3/10!