Marks and Spencer Colombian Coffee Beans

Marks and Spencer Colombian Coffee Beans

We picked up two M&S'ers at the same time and the other one - the Luxury Italian - was bleedin' awful. Because this one looks so similar, in our heads, this one was  going to be shonky as well. But hang on!! We were wrong!! This one has a real citrus twist to it  - even the ground beans smelt a bit like a lemon farm. Tasting it too, the first thing you get is the slightly citrus taste more usual with those high altitude east African coffees - we've not had this taste in a South American one before. The follow through gulps are smooth and sweet - and the end effect is you just want more. The only criticism this judge could possibly make was maybe it's not quite strong enough. If this was a strength 5 it would be a 10/10, but as it stands, it's a 9/10.

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When it's got Luxury and Italian in the name i'm thinking smooth talking, suit wearing, cigar smoking gangster mobs sitting around a large table discussing the cartel or some shit like that. There is a few drinking gin, some smkoing the herb and a few teetotallers and they drink fine coffee and there's nothing finer than 'Luxury Italian'. However the M&S marketeers are now the target of 'The Mob'. They took some creamy piss and called it Italian. Those mobsters I dreamed about are dam offended and out to get revenge. A poor 4/10 and after 1 cup I gave the pack away. 4/10

Dang! Why didn't I check the review before wasting over three pounds of fine English sterling on this pitiful excuse for a coffee? I think Nooge is being generous by desribing it as marginally better than instant. It's not disgusting, I mean it is drinkable - but it is just sooo disappointing. You expect a bit more from M&S really. They've taken advantage of me and now I just feel cheap and dirty...
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Yes I know, it could do with a bit more grunt, but it's not horrible. The pack mentions something about citrus- I can't remember exactly what it is, as the bin gobbled the empty bag up as part of its midnight snack. But this has just the right amount of citrus for me- I can notice it, yet it doesn't take over the whole coffee like the Kenyan does. However, it is disappointing especially since I paid almost €4 for it (whatever that equates to in Sterling)- hence my 6/10 rating. i will be getting it again- just not very often!