Marks and Spencer Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Marks and Spencer Ethiopian Yirgacheffe CoffeeThe first Marks and Spencer coffee we've had in a while - they've changed all their packaging now so its all less glitzy and more down to earth - brown bags are the fashion these days. This has all sorts of bold claims on the packet - floral, apricot, Jasmine... it would be easier to list what isn't in there. Still - poncy descriptive aside - this is a great, quirky coffee. Firstly it looks so inviting - it's one of those that as you stir it up in your pot it forms a lovely creamy head which looks so appetising. And it lasts even as you pour it into the cup - it almost delivers a cappuccino from a caffetiere. Taste-wise, well, it really is fruity - normal for an east African coffee it's got that zesty citrus taste that cuts through that sleepy Monday morning and gets you where you want to be. It seems to be lightly roasted - the colour in the cup would encourage anyone to drink it - unlike some, that although taste good, do look as unappetising as a vat of old sump oil. The only downside is you can't really knock this one up too strong - if you over do it the zesty lemons turn to lead balloons and it's like sucking on a handful of pocket change. Overall, a great and one to serve to the uninitiated who will be impressed that you know what your doing with your plunger. 9/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

    "Distinctively floral with notes of apricot and sweet fruity acidity. This top grade Yirgacheffe coffee showcases the best flavours of the origin. Its aroma is distinctively floral with notes of apricot - and there's a gorgeously silky texture in the mouth, and a fruity, juicy acidity balanced by excellent sweetness. Close your eyes and you might find a hint of jasmine too."

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I can taste it, I can taste it! Praise the lord I've got apricot on the tip of my tongue and I want the whole world to know it. I mean, I have to do the taste equivalent of squinting really hard at something ugly to appreciate it in all its blurry glory but my mouth is awash floral flavours just like the packet said it would be. Stands out from the usual brews and for this reason alone it scores highly for simply breaking up the monotony of zesty lemon flavours so prevalent in its contemporaries. Rich without being sickly I was pretty impressed with this one - an easy 8.