Marks and Spencer Kenyan Coffee

Marks and Spencer Kenyan CoffeeDespite all the bold claims on the back of the packet that this is "Bursting with delicious citrus notes" it's not quite true. OK it does have a lemony twang to it - but somehow it just tastes a bit cheap - like stirring a spoon of Lift into an averagely drinkable coffee. It's still nice enough, and the coffee taste hangs around in your mouth after you've glugged it. But in the end, the citrus twist just isn't enough to elevate this thing. Maybe it's because it's a strength 3 which us judges cannot cope with. If this had a bit more grunt, it'd be there. So, if you want a kiddie-level introduction to Kenyan Coffee, this one will probably do you well - it's rated a 12A, or a (6/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Kenyan coffee is recognised by many as the best in the world and in 2006 Marks & Spencer worked with two cooperatives to help them become the first Fairtrade growers in Kenya. The rich, fertile soil and the shade of other food crops such as banana, are factors that result in the lively flavours this coffee is so famous for. Bursting with delicious citrus notes, this 'Kenyan sunshine in a cup' really is the ultimate breakfast coffee to start the day with."

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This probably wasn't the sunshine that Liam was singing about, but he should have been. Not only is it slightly healthier than cigarettes and alcohol but it tastes pretty awesome. I don't know if it's me going off some of the stronger coffees or whether it's just this brew really shining but the recent strength 3's have been pretty impressive. A tasty cuppa... 8/10
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I've been buying coffees that say Kenyan on them recently and I found this to be the worst of the 3. There was a Tesco Kenyan, a Sainsbury's Kenyan and this. Whilst I still find it a very acceptable coffee it does leave me with the feeling the coffee has stained my mouth. It's a little too creamy and thick and this could be my fault but I tried it twice and it was the same both times. It is a strength 3 which appears to be the lowest strength you can get. Apart from those Whittard strength 2 coffees which more resemble tea than coffee. I can't say i'm impressed, my favourite is the Tesco Kenyan which we have yet to review but it's coming in the next month so stay tuned! 5/10 from me is all I can muster. My tastes must be changing. The review though, stands, light weedy citrusy notes, weak and creamy lacking any Tyson element to it. The wimp over yonder loved it.

I think that M & S Kenyan ground coffee is very good, aromatic, acidic and lively. I'm a bit of a coffee obsessive, and grind my own beans, but this ground coffee is a very good substitute. I've tried grinding various Kenyan beans (including Taylors), and find this ground coffee superior in aroma and taste. The grind is also very good and consistent and fairly coarse, which contrasts with the dusty powder that is so prevalent. It is perfect for a stovetop which gives an intense, citrusy coffee (it's quite difficult to find ground coffee which is suitable for stovetops). I've tried Tesco finest Kenyan ground coffee. It was so awful that I had to throw it away after one cup. No aroma, no crema, nothing but staleness and nothing going for it but a long best before date. Recommended. 9/10

I visited Taylors last year... and they told me that they supply all the M&S coffee. They reckoned it was a different blend every time, but the cynic in me thinks it's a simple re-package of the exact same coffee!

Hi I'm a newbie so forgive me if I am doing this all wrong. I quite like M&S coffee for what it is. What I really want to know if anyone on here has ever tried Has bean coffee? I had some at a new cafe in Croydon the other week (think the place was called Matthews Yard) and it was fantastic. I've not seen it for sale anywhere else so wondered how well known Has Bean is? Any ideas?

good name! nope - never had it, nor even seen it! We'll wait for them to send it to us by the truckload...if THEY DARE!
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I don't like this at all. It's just too citrussy for me. While I can put up with a small citrus flavour, I still expect my coffee to taste like, well, coffee.