Marks and Spencer Luxury Italian Coffee

Marks and Spencer Luxury Italian CoffeeThis is not just Luxury Italian Coffee. It's fucking awful Luxury Italian Coffee. This one claims all sorts on the packet - but forgets to mention lack of flavour and all round general weedy-ness. This is only marginally better than instant - if someone offered it to you at their house you would be grateful that it least is was real coffee, but it wouldn't be worth the effort of making it yourself, you may as well spoon up a Nescafe and save yourself the bother - and disappointment. The final inch in the cup really sealed it - a bitter nasty mess. This Judge's summing up: starts disappointing, ends badly. Gets a 4/10.

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They seem to get better and better for me, this one I found to be excellent yet again all be it very weak. It had that light warm loving flavour i've come to adore from coffee. From the shop to my desk I read the packet, not a bad shout and I like a company to try and win me over. Mule has finally done it and they are in my good books. For a that warm glow on a chilly morning that won't make you gag this is a fine choice to have in your cupboard. 6/10 cause it was too weak, but the flavour, excellent. 6/10

There are some Grumpy Mule coffees out for around £8 which are the micro-lots of coffee. It may have been one of these that you purchased, but they are worth the money!