Miles Coffee Mr. Miles Blend

Miles Coffee Mr. Miles Blend

The packet of this looks tacky – it looks more like a bag of twiglets. The coffee comes out good though – strong and bitter with a long lasting taste, yet no burning after taste. It must be ground quite fine as there were tell tale ring marks down the side of the mug – but in this case I think it added to the taste as they rate this as only a strength 3. Rated 7/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"A blend of mostly Central American arabica coffees, giving a real coffee flavour without pronounced acidity. Medium Roast. Packed in gas flushed foil bags for freshness"

Where you can buy it: 

You can get it from Amazon for £2.59 here 227g Mr Miles Blend Ground Coffee

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This one appears to be from a little company in Devon who are of course, 'selecting the finest beans from around the world' as are they all. However this one I really did like it seems Mr. Miles isn't a donut when it comes to coffee. This was very creamy which may be down to the creation of the coffee or coffee itself a further sampling will tell. When this one comes back around though it will be met with a smile. A great all round coffee likely to appeal to everyone. Thumbs up from me and a 6.5 if i'm allowed to do that?

which i think they call "full bodied". This one was a bit weak - I think it needs to be ramped up in strength to cater for nthe creamy-ness.
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Again a creamy offering, very pleasant really and not a bad start to the day. My fellow drinker wishes a stronger brew but this complimented the sticky willy I had this morning perfectly. There is a birthday in the office and they bought in cakes.