Morrisons The Best Fairtrade Guatemalan Ground Coffee

Morrisons The Best Fairtrade Guatemalan Ground CoffeeThese Morrison Coffees are always hard core killers, and this is no exception. We made this as normal and it was just way over the top. A bitter, filthy dirty brew. This could only be at home on a building site being drunk by hardened, crack-showing navvies who would probably even dunk a biscuit in it. The only way we could take it was to water it down a spoonful - but even then the first taste sends you reeling and staggering backwards. However - if you keep the faith, this one does improve as you go down the cup. I don't know how this works - maybe because your taste buds a being systematically stripped off and by the end, you just don't care. Who knows - but my head now feels a bit fuzzy and I'll rate it above the 5/10 "never buying it a again" watershed. Its a 6/10.

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This coffee re-enforces my belief that the South American coffees are miles ahead of their European counterparts. A good strong taste without actually being strong, which I realise doesn't make a huge amount of sense, but I can't describe that much better without you having tried this yourself, which I strongly recommend. Taste the difference.
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and another sodding corker! Pouring on the hot water is where it all begins, the aroma, divine. This came with the Luxury Italian from M&S which was crap. I wasn't sure about this one until I tried it and it's magnificent. Tastes strong and doesn't leave you hurling up your guts. We've sampled a lot of coffee's now and some are very similar. This is the M&S version of Colombian and it's good purchase. If you are poncy enough to do your weekly at M&S give this one a go. 8/10

It does smell great and like the judge says it lacks a bit of punch but now making it with more grains helps.